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John Bridges, CH, CPEH Ericksonian Hypnotist, Trainer, Author, and Global Authority on the Art & Science of Persuasion
John Bridges, CH, CPEH
Ericksonian Hypnotist, Trainer, Author, and Global Authority on the Art & Science of Persuasion

From: John Bridges
December 13, 2018

  Fortune 500 NLP Trainer Reveals Ultimate Persuasion Power. How to use NLP's secret, irresistible Sleight of Mouth Language Patterns to get people to grant you almost whatever you wish for!
Dear Friend,
Improve Sales oesn't it frustrate you every time when you do your best to sell someone ... you did everything beautifully ... but the sale still slips away?!

Or, if You're Not in Sales...
  • Do you have coaching clients that just won't act on what you're telling them?
  • If you're a healer or a physician who works with patients, doesn't it make your heart drop when they're as stubborn as a mule and resist you?
  • What about all those times you feel annoyed by kids or a spouse or a friend that won't listen to you - no matter how much you plead with them?
  • Are you sick and tired of repeating yourself to employees to do something yet they revert back to their old, unproductive ways?
  • Are you a business owner who is becoming more and more worried about dropping sales?
  • It also wouldn't SURPRISE me if you told me you also feel frustration when trying to set up lucrative business deals or try to get financing but things fall apart like a house of cards.
You Deserve Better Than This!

Maybe you've had some luck in persuading, leading and motivating people. Congratulations. You're a step ahead of most people. But what if you could naturally and easily persuade people without confrontation, long-winded talks, pressure, and without them even knowing you're trying to persuade them? Wouldn't you like to discover how?

If you're involved in selling or persuasion of any kind, I'd be willing to bet you hate using cheesy one-liners, sales clichés and silly shop-worn closes that make you look ridiculous when you try them in front of people.

You're probably feeling exhausted by making cold calls, in-face presentations and call-backs that too often leave you empty-handed.

Look, that's not unusual. You can't rely on Dinosaur selling techniques. People can spot your moves from a mile away.

The reason why you're working too hard and not getting the results you deserve is because most approaches rely on trying to talk or pressure someone into doing something.

First of all, a person's defenses are going to be up and breaking through that invisible wall isn't as easy as most sales trainers claim.

You have to find that loophole to break through and start targeting a person's "thought patterns".

That's because a person's behavior is controlled by two things: Their mental and emotional state, and their beliefs. Alter their state, change their beliefs, and you WILL see new behavior.

That's the secret to doubling your sales almost overnight, getting more dates, closing more lucrative deals, and getting people to comply the first time.

That's why, if you are familiar with NLP and hypnosis, you may have found that NLP embedded commands don't work as well as you might have expected. You've got to alter the thinking patterns or beliefs by reaching for the very root!

Who is John Bridges?
I'm a certified Ericksonian hypnotist with over 10 years of experience in private practice, a sales trainer who has taught and helped transform 1,000's of everyday people into high-earning sales professionals in as little as 2 weeks.

I've trained doctors, realtors, salespeople, trainers, everyday people, and even other hypnotists in the art of persuasion. One of my accomplishments includes a ‘Million Dollar Sales Model' I developed that is right now allowing a select group of Fortune 500 companies to earn 10's of millions of dollars annually.

Currently, I have clients come to me from all over the country, because I'm a global authority on the topic of persuasion, with a following in 63 countries.

Since the material I teach works, Fortune 500 companies line up to pay thousands of dollars per day for training for their salespeople.

Meet Your Co-Author
Scott Maly, CMNLP co-authored 'Verbal Magic' with John Bridges. He is both President and co-founder of Natural Persuasion Technologies. Scott is an NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Professional Personal Coach. He received his coaching training through the prestigious International Coaching Academy based in Sydney Australia, and is a Founding Member of both the International Association of Coaches and Coachville.

Scott has extensive experience in the business world and throughout his career has worked in client relations and negotiations with companies across the United States. Before the age of 25, Scott moved from a position as a grocery store clerk to that of Vice President for a small sales organization. He then went on to help develop that same organization into the primary profit center for a Fortune 500 company. That company now generates over $20 million per year in sales.
What's more, many embedded commands sound flat-out WEIRD when spoken in public. There's got to be a better way!

Dinosaur Selling Techniques and Pop Psychology is COSTING YOU More Than You May Realize

Relying on dinosaur sales techniques and "pop culture" persuasion methods is costing you dearly! By using a special approach to persuasion that I teach, you can literally increase your closing ratio up to 70% or more!

That said, your current persuasion methods are leaving half or more of potential income you could be getting - on the table! You're practically giving money away! Outrageous!

That's incredibly important to you whether you're a full-time sales rep, Internet Marketer, life coach, hypnotherapist, private practitioner, or anyone who depends on their persuasive ability to make money.

To build your practice and succeed in your career - you must use stronger persuasion techniques - especially in this bad economy!

When it comes to relationships, and managing employees and setting up deals, it's costing you because you're possibly causing friction or even resentment to some degree with your current persuasion approach.

It's not your fault, after all, how were you supposed to know there's a better way?

But maybe you're willing to continue paying a high price - daily, and you're willing to do it for the rest of your life. If so, then click away because this is not for you.

However, if you're 100% committed to attaining two to three times more "yes's" and sales than you are now, then read on because you'll be well-rewarded, I guarantee it.

How's this possible? It's possible by using what are called ‘Sleight of Mouth' Patterns.

How Do Sleight of Mouth Patterns Work?

A sleight of mouth pattern is a special combination of words, concepts and phrases that influences beliefs, emotions and behavior almost instantly. They ZERO-IN on a belief like a speeding smart bomb and reframe ideas.

You may be familiar with the NLP concept of reframing an issue. Sleight of Mouth Patterns are similar, but they're on an advanced level. Remember earlier when I said that to change behavior, you must deal with a person's beliefs first?

Everyone has gaps in their thinking patterns and sleight of mouth patterns seek out those gaps, expose them and deposit the new pattern. The result is you will hear "YES" to your requests more than ever before!

What's exciting to consider is that when you use a Sleight of Mouth pattern, it comes across as a normal part of conversation. You don't come across as someone using weird sounding lines or as someone obviously persuading.

Better still, Sleight of Mouth patterns are a much gentler and subtler way of persuading. It's elegant, subtle persuasion at its finest!

Sleight of Mouth patterns usually consist of a softening statement, then the payload (the pattern) and then a question that cements the new program.

You can use these patterns while on the phone, on Skype, or in face-to-face interactions. And they work almost instantly in most cases!

Once you learn a sleight of mouth pattern, you'll never want to go back to your old way of selling and persuading.

When it Comes to Sleight of Mouth Patterns, You Never Frontal Assault the Client- Instead We Believe...

"In order to take your client to where you want them to go, you must first meet them where they are."

To better illustrate how this method of persuasion works, think of the Japanese martial art of Aikido. This is a martial art without kicks and punches. Instead you redirect the attack of your opponent and flow with him, rather than against him.

Our method of persuasion, which employs Sleight of Mouth Patterns, works EXACTLY the same way. That's why salespeople, therapists and managers absolutely LOVE our system!

When engaging a person to persuade so we can drop the payload (the pattern) we usually take the following 4-step approach:

1) PACE: A person has towering walls of initial resistance that you'll have to overcome. This first step in the process is all about lowering ego defenses, without relying on the cheesy bonding and rapport sales techniques you've probably seen in most sales training. We bypass those walls and move into step 2 to score a direct hit.
2) LEAD: It's here you get into position to insert the pattern that'll win a ‘yes'. And you do that by dropping a Sleight of Mouth pattern into what sounds like a normal conversation.
3) UNIFY: Of course, there are times where you'll still face objections and stalls. That's no problem because in this phase, you will use Sleight of Mouth Patterns to cut through resistance like a hot knife through butter.
4) SECURE: You then cement the new belief, feeling, or behavior and then watch the results unfold!

Amazing Proof that Sleight of Mouth Works Persuasion Miracles

  • I've trained the 'Intention' pattern to hundreds of customer service representatives. This played a pivotal role in helping one company earn the most prestigious award for customer service on the planet four years in a row. (Out of 75,000 businesses in this company's industry, only 6 in the entire world currently have the honor of possessing this award.)
  • After teaching the CEO of one small sales organization just a few of the key concepts in 'Verbal Magic', she was able to use them in a key negotiation with the vice president of a large oil company and immediately landed a contract worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • I constantly use the Sleight of Mouth Patterns, as well as other concepts I outline in 'Verbal Magic', to help my hypnotherapy clients overcome all manner of personal challenges—everything from nail biting to moving beyond the trauma of violent physical abuse.
  • One young 22 year-old saleswoman who learned these techniques reported to me that by using them she was able to achieve a 90%+ conversion rate in her first month with the customers she spoke to over the phone! This helped her net an annual after-tax income of $82,000.
  • After learning just a few of the key concepts in 'Verbal Magic', a 23 year-old woman who had been an assistant manager at a burger franchise went on to become one of the most highly paid salespersons at a Fortune 500 company, earning the kind of income that many of the senior executives at her organization wish they could make.
  • After learning how to apply some of the techniques outlined in 'Verbal Magic' to working with his clients, one doctor exclaimed with both a mixture of excitement and regret that he wished he had learned these techniques 25 years ago when he first began his practice. In a recent teleclass I did with the world's foremost expert on relationship coaching, David Steele, he expressed the very same idea.
  • Last year, I shared the persuasion model behind 'Verbal Magic' with a group of salespeople at a Fortune 500 company that specializes in energy sales. Before the entire sales team was even halfway through the training, their supervisors excitedly reported to me that they had already DOUBLED their conversion rates!
  • I recently shared some of these techniques with a young lady who works in retail. By simply applying ONE technique, she was able to rake in SIX TIMES as many sales in one day as anyone else in her department—to the complete shock and astonishment of her sales manager.

Verbal Magic Sleight of Mouth System!

Now Only $5 Limited Time

Until now you couldn't get a complete collection of Sleight of Mouth Patterns. But that's changed. Introducing the Verbal Magic Sleight of Mouth System!

This is a complete home study course that includes a 106 page PDF study manual, 4 MP3 audios, and 8 beautiful, consolidated Quick Reference Guides that will teach you the entire Sleight of Mouth Persuasion System.

You won't find anything like this anywhere else!

You can burn these MP3's to a CD or put them on your MP3 player so you can learn while you drive, jog or work. As you'll soon see, everything is in step-by-step, easy to understand format.

Plus ... with the audios, you'll get interactive demonstrations so you will internalize and "own" these techniques.

It's not presented like a dry, boring college textbook. You'll be able to get through this material in one weekend and be able to start deploying these patterns almost immediately.

Now at last, you won't have to rely on high pressure or lame sales techniques that make you feel foolish. Never again nag people or risk losing out on deals by using a persuasion approach that someone can spot a mile away. You can try the Verbal Magic Sleight of Mouth home study course without risking a single penny!

Put this program in your hands and watch as you close up to 90% of sales!
  • ... close up to 90% of sales! (Make crazy money starting this week!)
  • ... get people to give you financing for your business or home
  • ... get people to follow your requests to a "T"
  • ... get people to stop doing annoying things
  • ... win so many debates and arguments that it's almost spooky
  • ... get more dates than ever before and strengthen relationships

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Here's a Preview of What You'll See in Your Copy of The Verbal Magic Sleight of Mouth System
  • How simple 3-letter words act as levers to instantly change the meaning of your statements ... PLUS you get a super-chart of "Linguistic Operators" that you can insert into your communication to work your persuasion magic on people. You simply won't find this anywhere else!
  • Subtle force redirect methods that instantly bond you to the person you're persuading ... and set you up to deliver Sleight of Mouth Patterns.
  • Why you shouldn't answer objections the way most sales trainers teach - it's killing sales. Instead, discover an incredibly powerful, non-confrontational way to deal with objections and flak.
  • An elegant new way to ‘sell' that doesn't sound like selling. It sounds like you're just having a normal conversation!
  • How to spin yourself out of a situation where someone's got you on the ropes and persuade them to your desired outcome.
  • How to manipulate choice words and phrases to "unbolt" resistance and the faulty beliefs a person has. It's like tapping into a DNA strand and cutting out bad genetic material!
  • 14 "yes-getting" Sleight of Mouth Patterns that are proven to build million dollar companies, superstar sales careers, fix marriages and relationships and masterfully lead people!
  • How to diffuse an upset person, just like Cynthia did with the drunk at the dance club.
  • How to apply Sleight of Mouth Patterns to get someone to stop smoking.
  • How to use Sleight of Mouth Patterns to get someone to go from couch potato to feeling motivated to exercise
  • Uncover how a person makes decisions
  • How to use sleight of mouth patterns to overcome objections such as, "I don't need what you're selling", or, "I'm not interested".
  • How to get stubborn prospect to reconsider your product or service even if they haven't changed vendors for ages.
  • How to handle the frustrating objection of, "It's too expensive!" This is 21st Century Persuasion at its finest.
  • How to get a Nervous Nellie to feel comfortable with speaking in front of a live audience.
  • More sleight of mouth applications for handling price objections.
  • How to get lazy, unmotivated people to suddenly start wanting to work harder and become more productive!
  • How to use sleight of mouth patterns to motivate an overweight person to start losing weight.
  • How to influence a spouse to start using a budget ... instead of spending money like an out-of-control teenager.
  • Instantly stop adulterous feelings in a friend or spouse with a special Sleight of Mouth pattern.
  • How to get someone who constantly falls for ‘get rich quick' gambling or pie-in-the-sky scams to stop that behavior at once.
  • How to use softening statements to set up a blitz of sleight of mouth patterns that score winning contracts, cash or dates.
  • Zero-in on a bad belief, uproot it, and then re-plant a positive belief - easy as 1,2,3!

Rave Reviews Over Verbal Magic

Fantastic & Highly Useful

He's So Good!

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It took me a year to create this training program because I wanted to make it the most complete program on sleight of mouth of its kind. It truly was a labor of love on my part.

You simply won't find a more complete and easy to understand program anywhere else.

As soon as you get your hands on these sleight of mouth patterns and discover how to use them as I teach, your life will never be the same! You'll have a new kind of power and respect that radiates from you.

You can't put a price on newfound confidence and the ability to get what you want in life.

Remember, in life, you get what you want by using the right words. Here - on a silver-platter, I'm giving you the right words. But maybe this is too much power for you to handle? It's up to you to answer that question.

Imagine - Speaking Simple Words that Act Like Magic to Bring You What You Wish!

For this level of persuasion, you might expect to pay upwards of $1,000 or even $500 to attend private training. At those prices it would be a bargain! Especially, when you consider that I often charge $300 for a single hour of consulting time.

But you don't have to pay $1,000 - or even $500 - for these high-powered, income-exploding strategies and relationship enriching tactics.

That's because the complete Verbal Magic Sleight of Mouth System is yours for just $97. Break that down and that's just an investment of just 26¢ per day! Your pay-off lasts a lifetime!

Plus Get $537 in Bonus Gifts... Yours as My Thanks for Trying Verbal Magic

BONUS #1: 10 "Super" Sleight of Mouth Patterns. When you order today, you'll be given my private collection of 10 rare, and extremely powerful Sleight of Mouth patterns called the ‘High Leverage Patterns'. This is like having a magic wand to get what you want!

As you might imagine this is exclusive information I've shared with top-shelf clients that's brought them spectacular success in business, sales, negotiations, and in relationships. I'm including these 10 "nuke-powered" patterns because I felt they perfectly complement Verbal Magic.

However - I reserve the right to pull this bonus at any time. So do not refresh your browser - download Verbal Magic at once while this offer lasts. (A $500 value but yours FREE!)

You're About to Get Your Fingertips On:
  1. The Wonder Pattern
  2. The Reasonable Pattern
  3. The Hypothetical Pattern
  4. The Total Certainty Pattern
  5. The Possibility Pattern
  6. The Shift Equivalence Pattern
  7. The Pre-emptive Strike Pattern
  8. The Slippery Slope Pattern
  9. The Commitment Pattern
  10. The Triumphant Pattern
Just one of these patterns ... electrifies your persuasion to new heights of raw power - imagine what happens when you get ALL TEN!

BONUS #2: 1 Month Access to Club NPT. We have a special insider membership for persuasion professionals called Club NPT. Each month members are treated to extraordinary NLP, Hypnosis and Personal Development training. This is cutting-edge information that revolutionizes careers, businesses and lives.

Members are entitled to:
  • One, 1 to 2 hour-long audio training class per month. You'll be treated to topics such as, "Creating Unstoppable Confidence", and "The Secret Language of the Mind" and so much MORE!
  • MP3 recordings of tele-seminars sent direct to your email inbox for you to download in case you can't attend training sessions.
  • Get member discounts on LIVE training events, and first dibs on new product updates and specials.
I'm offering this bonus as a way for you to explore other realms of persuasion, hypnosis and personal development. It's like having me as your personal coach!

Your first month is completely free with my compliments. (A $37 value on a monthly basis.)

If you like what you see, stay with the membership and your life will be well rewarded; otherwise you may cancel anytime. You are in complete control.

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Order now and get instant access to the complete Verbal Magic Sleight of Mouth System, so you can get started right away. 

Then, take a full 60 days to look it over. . . take all the notes you like . . . start using the patterns and techniques that I share with you . . . 

If you don't agree these secrets are worth many times what you paid . . . if you can't see how using them will help you build better relationships, close more sales . . . and skyrocket your income faster than you imagined . . . 

Simply email or call after 60 days and I'll promptly refund every penny you paid - no questions asked and you can keep the e-book, audio downloads, and quick reference guides and the 10 super powerful sleight of mouth patterns bonus as my personal GIFT to you just for trying it out. And we'll part as friends. Fair enough?

So there's absolutely no way you can lose - it's a win/win either way!

Now, there's an important decision to be made . . .

You could, for example, choose to do nothing . . . go on from here alone . . . and miss out on the powerful multiplying effect more compelling persuasive abilities would have otherwise had on your career and relationships.

Or, since there's absolutely no risk - since you're guaranteed in writing that The Verbal Magic Sleight of Mouth System will magnify money and accelerate your success or your money back - you can choose to take action now and rocket your career to the next level.

There simply are no other choices.

I sincerely hope you decide to give us the chance to blow you away with the PROVEN patterns and secrets I reveal in The Verbal Magic Sleight of Mouth System.

In just a few seconds from now, the complete system, which includes the entire PDF ebook, 4 high-quality MP3 audios, 8 super-easy to use Quick Reference Guides, and 1-month FREE membership to Club NPT, PLUS the 10 Super-Patterns could be yours by the end of tonight -- you'll have a newfound power that most people will never know existed.

Now, it's decision time. Only you know what's right for you, and it's your choice to purchase the Verbal Magic System. The link is below. You know what to do.

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Yes, John!
I understand that Verbal Magic has the power to help me make more money, close more sales, influence others, and get more of what I want out life!
I'm aware that I'm getting a cutting-edge persuasion system, including the full, 106 page manual, 4-part audio program, and 8 powerful Quick Reference Guides that will make mastering Sleight of Mouth easy and fun.
I fully understand that this system includes everything I need to transform my persuasive power forever!

John, I understand that if I don't act on this right now, I'm going to miss out for good.

I also understand that your no-questions asked guarantee makes this is a no-risk deal!

Verbal Magic Sleight of Mouth System

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Download the Entire Verbal Magic System Now!

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Yours for more success and happiness,

John Bridges

John Bridges, CH, CPEH, CEO
Natural Persuasion Technologies

P.S. Remember - you can try Verbal Magic Sleight of Mouth Patterns without risking one red cent, for 60 days.

If you don't skyrocket your closing ratio ... if you don't get more "Yes's" than you do now, then let me know and I'll promptly refund the purchase price.

In today's tough economy, you really can't afford to miss out on these Sleight of Mouth patterns that'll let you conquer your sphere of influence.

On that basis, why not order now while it's still fresh in your mind?

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